How Much Would You Pay To Keep Your Pet?

How Much Would You Pay To Keep Your Pet?

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  1. Ok, all you dog lovers out there, what would you pay to keep your dog healthy? The most Ive ever paid was $900.00 for heartworm treatment in a shelter dog I had just rescued.

    According to a survey carried out by a pet insurance firm, these are the 10 breeds of dogs that cost the most in vet fees.

    What this could actually show is that owners of these breeds of dogs are more likely to have pet insurance. Or, it could show that the owners are more prone to taking thier dogs to the veterinarian, or it could just be that these 10 breeds are indeed more liable to incurring higher veterinary expenses for their owners.

    English Setter                     $6,955.

    Great Dane                           6,630

    Poodle                                  6,528

    Rottweiler                            5,214

    Doberman                            4,714

    Pointer                                 4,523

    Greyhound                          4,145

    Chihuahua                           4,030

    Beagle                                 4,017

    St. Bernard                         3,936

    How much have you ever paid?

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