Popular Things to Do in Dublin, Ireland

Popular Things to Do in Dublin, Ireland

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  1. DublinDublin is known for music, ghosts, and lively dancing in its different tourist destinations, but the beer and spirits are also a popular subject for those visiting the Emerald Isles.


    Old Jameson Distillery

    Even if you’re not a beer drinker, you need to try the Irish Whiskey at the Old Jameson Distillery. Not only will you learn how the famous Irish Whiskey is made, you’ll also get a chance to taste the final product! This is also a really great deal and a good way to relax after a lunch out since the tour is only 1 hour and costs only $15 per person.

    Abbey Tavern

    Enjoy the excitement of Irish music and dance in a lively, but informal music and dance at the Abbey Tavern. You can also enjoy an authentic Irish dinner in five courses, while hearing and seeing much about Irish history. The price tag is a bit steep of over $70 per person, but it’s over 2 hours of food and entertainment that will present many wonderful photo opportunities for you and your companions.

    Dublin Ghost Bus

    Part of the excitement of Ireland are the fascinating tales of banshees, druids, and leprechauns. The spirits of Ireland and the stories of famous authors like Bram Stoker, author of “Dracula” and “Ghost of Dr. Clossy.” The tour costs just under $40 per person and lasts almost 3 hours.
    Some of the most popular things to do in Dublin are also to just talk with the locals. You’ll be amazed at how friendly and inviting the locals are and you’ll also get a chance to experience what the culture is like for the Irish.

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