1. The marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton is definitely an event that anyone who has a pulse will remember for a long time. It is the biggest royal event since the wedding of William’s parents, Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Here are the top 10 most interesting things about the couple’s union on April 29, 2011.
    1. Kate will not vow to "obey" her husband. Unlike all other royal brides, Kate Middleton will not vow to "obey" her husband rather to comfort, love, and support. Princess Di vowed to "obey" Prince Charles, and look how well that turned out.
    2. Prince William proposed to Kate with his mother’s (Princess Diana) ring. In order to make sure his deceased mother was a part of his wedding, Prince William offered Kate Middleton his mother’s sapphire-and-diamond engagement ring as a token of his affection and commitment. It was his way of letting her be a part of the special day.
    3. Will and KateKate will be the first commoner to marry into the royal family in since 1660. 350 years ago, Anne Hyde married King James II and Kate Middleton will be the first one since her to marry into the royal family. Speculators have even linked her name ("Middle"ton) symbolically to the rise of the middle class and the blurring of class lines in these modern times.
    4. Kate caught William’s eye romantically when she was modeling a swimsuit in a fashion show. Kate and William (or P-Willy in his college days…) were friends since 2001 but did not start dating until 2003 when Kate caught Prince William’s eye when she wore a strapless bikini with a sheer cover-up in a fashion show at St. Andrews University.
    5. The couple lived together before dating. Very untraditional for a royal family! William and Kate lived together at University for a few years until they decided to start dating. I wonder if the other roommates felt uncomfortable with the royal hook-up happening under the same roof?
    6. The Royal Wedding 2011 will use less energy than Diana and Charles’ wedding in 1981. Since we live in modern times, scientists have said that the 2011 wedding will take up way less energy than Charles and Diana’s wedding in 1981. This "green" wedding is a reflection of the age we are living in.
    7. Kate Middleton at BoujisThe Royal Wedding will take place at Westminster Abbey where 17 monarchs have been buried. The traditional place to get married and be buried… Kate and William will be married where most British monarchs have been married, and have been buried. Queen Elizabeth is said to be buried in Westminster Abbey when she passes.
    8. Kate’s favorite drink is a Jack Daniel’s Crack-Baby. We don’t really know what is in a "Crack-Baby" cocktail, but we do know that it is sold at Boujis, and is this future royal’s favorite drink.
    9. Kate will be the eldest royal bride when she marries Prince William. As a standard of comparison, Princess Di was 20 when she married Prince Charles. The youngest bride to ever be married was Isabella of Valois who was 6 when she married Richard II in 1396. This definitely represents a more modern time where women are waiting longer to get married.
    10. Prince William originally planned to get married at 25. He must have gotten a waive of approval from the Queen to wait longer to get married. Good thing, too. Supposedly his temporary split from Middleton "made them stronger" (and probably
      prevented infidelity once they got married).

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