The Secret to Making Your Cat Less Wild

The Secret to Making Your Cat Less Wild

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    Whether you have a new cat or kitten with a wild side or a seasoned cat that already rules the roost, you can still make your cat more people friendly and receptive to attention. Acclimating a cat or kitten to people is much easier than adjusting them to another cat or group of cats. While cats do have a community of their own, it takes special care and introduction to welcome a new cat to a house of cats. When simply trying to domesticate the energetic temperament of a cat that already is to some degree situated in your home, you’ll find that your feline friend actually exhibits a more friendly persona.

    Make Your Cat Indoor Only

    Cats are territorial, so if you allow them outside to mark their kingdom and defend their turf, you will be 

    encouraging the wild and domineering side of your cat. While it is nice for a cat to have fresh air, there is also a greater risk of disease, injury, and death as a result of dogs attacking your cat or other stray cats giving your pet diseases. Your cat will be less inclined to wild behavior like scratching and biting or being antisocial if around people indoors more often.

    Spay or Neuter Your Cat

    Hormones can have a powerful impact on your cat’s temperament. When they are a young adult, they 

    should be spayed or neutered so that they do not get the seasonal desires to procreate, as do wild cats.

    Tellington Touch

    Petting your cat in the right zones can create a calming feeling of security and affection. It will also improve the bond your cat has with you.

    View a Tellington Touch video of how to massage your cat:


    Have Your Pet Checked by Your Veterinarian for Gum Disease and Other Ailments

    Discomfort can make anyone temperamental, including cats. If you cat is experiencing pain from gum disease or a range of other issues, it can make your cat less friendly toward people and desirous to be left alone.

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