1. When it comes to romance, be creative.  There is no book or rule on what romance means so you are free to use your imagination.  Below you will find 10 romantic ideas that you can incorporate you’re your relationship.  These ideas do not require a lot of money to implement but, the results you receive can be great.      

    Creative Date Nights:

    Remember when you first stated dating and the creating ideas you can up with for your date?  Well, you can still make time for dating as a couple.  In fact, it is important that you incorporate dating into your schedule.  Be creative in planning your date too.  You can go to a move, a play or for a long walk in the park.  Whatever allows the two of your some quality time together is great.  Creative dating ideas can be as calm or as wild as you wish.  Calm ideas include dinner for two at your favorite restaurant.  Wild creative dating would be rock climbing or skiing in Aspen.  Whatever you chose, make it something that both you and your mate can enjoy together. 


    When is the last time the two of you went away on vacation, together?  If you have to think about your answer, chances are it’s been too long.  Call your local travel agent and schedule a romantic getaway.  Getting away from work, kids, and routine is very important in any relationship.  Vacations provide quiet time, relaxation and togetherness.  Whether your preference is an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean or mountain climbing in the mountains, vacation time is vital.  There are a number of adult only vacation spots where there are no children and in fact, no one under the age of 21 is allowed.  Great vacation spots include Cancun, Florida, California, and the Caribbean Islands.  It is great to go to a place where nobody knows your name, there are no demands for your time and you can move at your own pace, fast or slow.  Make time for a vacation, you will be glad that you did and your relationships will reap the benefits of a trip made just for the two of you. 


    How nice is it to receive a romantic gift from your loved one just because?  More couples need to understand that gift giving is a romantic thought that shows that you care.  Receiving a romantic gift from your loved will put a smile on your face because it shows that he or she was thinking about you.  Romantic gifts are a token of love and affection and everyone can use that from time to time.  Gift giving also does not have to be expensive to be meaningful.  Something as simple as a flower you picked or a nice card if a great form of a romantic gift for your mate.  If you have not given a romantic gift to your mate lately, try it.  You will be pleased with the response.   


    What was your favorite restaurant to go to when the two of you first started dating? Is it still in existence?  If it is, plan a nice dinner for the two of you back at that location.  If you want to be really romantic, call ahead and arrange for a floral setting on the table or a candle.  Even a nice bottle of wine or a little note placed on the table before you arrive says I love you. One good thing about romance is that, it is created by your imagination.  It can include whatever you want so be creative.  You don’t have to go out to dinner in order to have a romantic dinner.   You can put your cooking skills to work and stir up a special recipe.  Include candles, soft music, and welcoming arms, and you have set the stage for the rest of the evening.   In fact, a homemade dinner, made with love shows that you took the time to prepare something special just for him or her. 

    No Flannels:

    Sometimes two people that have been together for a long period of time, forget to keep the sexy attire as a part of their relationship.  One of the biggest complaints that some men have about their mates is that they no longer wear sexy lingerie.   Instead, they have converted to cotton flannels.   For some women, they say that their mates went from briefs to boxers.  Both say that, when they were dating earlier, sexy clothing was common.  It is important to know what type of clothing excites your mate and make sure to incorporate them into your evenings.  Appeasing each other in all areas of romance is important.    

    Scents and aromas:

    Scents and aromas are an important part of creating the right romantic atmosphere.  An unpleasant scent can make or break a romantic mood.  For example, just as freshly baked cookies entice the pallet, perfumes and body sprays entice the mind.  You may have to try a few different scents before you find the one that triggers the reaction you want.  When find it, stay within that same realm of scents.  Sweet scents can lead to sweet romance.   

    Personal Messages and Quotes:

    How nice would it be to check your voicemail and be surprised by a romantic message from your mate?  How about a romantic quote from one of your favorite authors of love poems?  Romantic messages, when not expected, can brighten up the darkest day.  Have you ever opened up your lunch bag to see and I love you note with your favorite lunch enclosed?  All of these are wonderful additions to any day.  Messages say a lot and you don’t need a lot of words to create a loving message.  Romantic quotes from novels and authors have always been known to be a sign of extreme displays of romance.     


    Instead of watching TV some nights, break out the board games and play a game or two.  Playing games, laughing and just having fun is healthy.  Not only is laughing and having fun healthy for your relationship, it is good for your health in general. 


    Whether you enjoy fast dancing or slow dancing, dancing with your mate can create intimacy.  Slow dancing can be romantic because the two of you are actually intertwined.  It creates a closeness, creates body contact, and that actually sets the stage for other acts of romance.  There are various types of dance and they all create their own level of intimacy.  If you haven’t danced with your mate lately, throw on one of your or his or her favorite CD’s and let the good times roll.


    Flirting is good for your relationship.  Flirting with your mate lets him or her know that there is still an attraction and that they still spark your interest.  Flirting can range from words to actions to touch.  Either way, flirting is good for your relationship.  Something as simple as a smack on the derriere is an indication of flirting with one another.  Certain words or phrases can be considered as flirting.  The wink of an eye, a certain facial expression or body language, these are all flirt signals.  Flirting also says to your mate, you still have what it takes to excite me.    

    Relationships are not always easy but, if you follow some or all of these romance ideas, it can be more exciting.  Romance comes easy for some and for others, they have to work at being more romantic.  Romance is what helps keep a relationship alive and vibrant.  If you are in a relationship with someone special, keep romance alive in your relationship.

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